Welcome at Casa Brenna Tosatto. Art and Relax on the Shores of Lake Como.

Casa Brenna Tosatto is a liberty dwelling house of the early years of the twentieth century. It is a place where history, culture, art, landscape, painting have created a unique residence with its artistic sense. It is a special place where to reside, attend events and spend a good time.
As you enter into the House, you discover an Ancient Residence,

an island for the art, where the tasting of the tradition blends in perfect harmony into the contemporaneity.
Casa Brenna Tosatto is in Campo di Lenno on the western branch of the Lake Como. An area which offers magnificent natural landscapes and rare examples of architectural and artistic history.

Casa Brenna Tosatto was designed by the Artist Mario Tosatto. His genius lives on the eldest of his sons, Antonio, who committed himself throughout his life so that the House would become that meeting place of artists and intellectuals that Mario dreamed of. Today, the love for their roots and the territory, the passion for art, the commitment to recovering historical and cultural memory have pushed Franco Brenna and his wife, Roberta Bernasconi to respect the promise made to their great-uncle Antonio Tosatto to give new life to the House making it point of reference for art and beyond. Casa Brenna Tosatto has four Luxury Suites that can accommodate two to four people.
The whole House can be rented for short and long periods of stay with the ability to comfortably accommodate up to thirteen people. The Luxury Suites, with a strong aesthetic impact, are furnished with both modern and classic furniture and with attention to every detail, from the

finishes to the materials and furnishings.
The Suites have independent heating, air conditioning and linen in natural hypoallergenic fabrics.
Casa Brenna Tosatto is not just a house, but a casket that contains Works of Art and Design. Nothing is left to chance; everything is studied in detail so that the guest feels comfortable and cuddled.
Paintings, furniture, sculptures, furnishing accessories have been chosen to transform your stay into a unique and unforgettable experience. Ancient and Modern merge together. In the very modern kitchen of the House stands a large table with an exclusive design, “The Missultin table”, the work of a well-known local artist, Cristoforo Mantegazza.
In the Suites, you can admire the chandeliers of Ingo Maurer “Tears of the Fisherman”, “Notes” and “Toothpaste tube lightning”.

The Villa Exclusively for You

The entire Villa exclusively for you.
Would you like to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the company of your friends or beloved ones, organize a private event, a dinner or a corporate meeting, an exhibition? Casa Brenna Tosatto will satisfy all your requests to make everything unique and unforgettable.