``Emozioni in essere``

“Emotions in Being,” this is the title of the exhibition opening the cultural season at Casa Brenna Tosatto in Tremezzina.
An exhibition featuring two very young Como artists, Sveva Ambrosoli and Mario Uliassi, hosted as part of Roberta Bernasconi ‘s project aimed at engaging young people of all ages.
It is precisely emotions, the common thread of the exhibition, that dialogue with each other, perceived and expressed in completely different ways by the two artists.
Figurative, that of Sveva Ambrosoli: the women depicted play with looks and chromatics play a key role. More cryptic and conceptual, that of Mario Uliassi, who defines Art through words endowed with great expression: “Art is a sword
That pierces the spine/to the point of chills,/even to the balls/It means tearing the heart out of the chest/Giving it to strangers/To spread a tiny emotion/Amplified to the max/To make it last forever./Art is the spreading of a message/ It fears nothing/ It tears down walls/ It pierces mountains It reaches the bottom of oceans/But it comes from the clouds./It comes from those who have the gift /To see people’s souls…”

Sveva Ambrosoli

Sveva Ambrosoli: class of 1998. A graduate of Liceo Artistico Fausto Melotti, she approached Contemporary Art during an internship and realized that this would be her path.

Mario Uliassi

Mario Uliassi: class of 2000. Graduated from Paolo Giovio High School of Science.
He attends the New Academy of Fine Arts ( NABA) in Milan.

Consigli per la visita

July 11-September 6, 2020

Friday, Saturday , Sunday
10.00 – 13.00
15.00- 17.00
Tuesday- Wednesday- Thursday by appointment
Tel. 0344 55463

Programma Vernissage

Friday, July 10, 6:45 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Exhibition opening in Brenna Square (Imbarcadero side).
Introduction and greetings by Roberta Bernasconi, LAC Vice President and Head of the Art Dissemination Project in Tremezzina, a project aimed at young people to sensitize them to Art. Project that saw its beginning with the collaboration with Kindergarten School “Jole Brughera,” which later developed with the birth of the Little Art Academy involving all elementary school children of the Istituto Comprensivo di Tremezzina and today with two very young artists who have chosen Art as a profession.

Greetings to those present and not from the President of the Lombardy Region Council, Alessandro Fermi.
Greetings to those present and beyond from the Mayor of Tremezzina, Mauro Guerra.
Greetings to those in attendance and beyond from the President of Casa Brenna Tosatto, Franco Brenna.

Presentation of artists and their talk assisted by the exhibition video.

Light refreshments

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